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"New Jade" Mala (meditation rosary)

"New Jade" Mala (meditation rosary)
new jade mala new jade mala

Hand-made exclusively for Wildmind, this mala of "new jade" beads makes a perfect accompaniment to mantra recitation, or can simply be a beautiful decorative object.

As is traditional, this mala has 108 beads, plus a larger "guru" bead. The guru bead on this mala is made from bone.

The mala is securely strung, and has an imitation silk tassle.

New jade is not actually a jade, but a type of serpentine known as ophite. The beads are a pale, translucent, green color.

The tassle on this mala is gray

Bead size: 6.5mm

Price: USD 24.95