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Adjustable Eight Auspicious Symbols Bracelet

Adjustable Eight Auspicious Symbols Bracelet
8 auspicious signs silver bracelet

An 8 auspicious signs bracelet, made from Tibetan silver, on an adjustable cotton band.

The eight symbols are:

  • The Conch: representing the sound of the dharma, which awakens us from the deep slumber of ignorance.
  • The Knot: representing the interdependance of all things.
  • The Fish: representing the happiness that accompanies freedom of movement in the waters of life.
  • The Lotus: representing the primordial purity of the mind.
  • The Parasol: representing protection.
  • The Urn: representing health, longevity, wealth, prosperity, and wisdom.
  • The Wheel: representing the turning of the "wheel of the dharma."
  • The Victory Banner: representing the Buddha's victory over delusion.

The inner plates are inscribed with double vajras, symbolizing the union of opposites.

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