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The Power of Mindfulness: A Guide to Living Mindfully and Compassionately (Audiobook)

In this audiobook, Bodhipaksa guides the listener through the process of developing mindfulness, with a particular emphasis on developing self-compassion.

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Vegetarianism: A Buddhist View, by Bodhipaksa (signed copy)

By considering why people eat meat and relating this to Buddhist ethics, Bodhipaksa explores habits and the possibility of change.

Price: USD 13.95
Wildmind: A Step-by-Step Guide to Meditation, by Bodhipaksa (signed copy)

"A beautiful and very accessible introduction to meditation. He guides us through all the basics of mindfulness and also lovingkindness meditations with the voice of a wise, kind, and patient friend." Author, Lorne Ladner

Price: USD 13.95
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Living As a River: Finding Fearlessness in the Face of Change by Bodhipaksa (Signed copy)

To face reality is to embrace change; to resist change is to suffer. This is the liberating insight that unfolds with Living as a River. A masterful investigation of the nature of self, this eloquent blend of current science and time-honored spiritual insight is meant to free us from the fear of impermanence in a world defined by change.

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