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Guided Meditations for Busy People (CD)

Guided Meditations for Busy People (CD)

If you feel the need to learn meditation but the idea of finding 30 or 40 minutes to meditate is itself stressful, this CD is for you. Short "power meditations" such as these - between three and nine minutes in length - can be highly beneficial for busy people. Each practice -- guided by Bodhipaksa -- teaches a specific and powerful technique for quickly transforming the mind, encouraging the rapid development of calmness, spaciousness, and relaxation.

The practices are guided by Bodhipaksa, a highly experienced meditation teacher with a soothing Scottish lilt.

Listen to these two-minute MP3 samples

  1. Grounding the Mind 8:17
  2. Opening the Mind 8:00
  3. Breathing In, Breathing Out 8:06
  4. Interconnectedness 9:09
  5. Protected by Light 8:03
  6. Healing Light Meditation 7:52
  7. Being in the Moment 8:02
  8. Meeting Pain with Compassion 7:37
  9. Three-Minute Breathing Space 3:08
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