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Healing Mantra Bracelet

Healing Mantra Bracelet

Traditional Tibetan therapeutic bracelets, made of interwoven metals including Copper, Brass and Nickel, are believed to have healing properties.

Om Mani Padme Hum, translated as "hail to the jewel in the lotus", is the ancient Tibetan mantra or prayer for realizing perfect wisdom and compassion.

Each bracelet is uniquely handmade by skilled craftspeople in Nepal according to traditional methods handed down from multiple generations of family artisans. Assorted metal wires are cut to length, braided or twisted together in select patterns and the then hammered into ingenious and attractive designs that are fixed onto a copper sleeve. Designs are inspired by elements of traditional tibetan culture that include precious dZi stone, Buddhist blessing cores and unique Tibetan-style hair braids.

Their attractive appearance and easy adjustability make them the perfect therapeutic accessory.

The width is adjustable.

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