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"I meditate every day" wristband

"I meditate every day" wristband
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"I meditate every day. It's just what I do."

The benefits of regular meditation have been demonstrated again and again in multiple studies. Meditating makes you happier, is good for your health, protects your brain from aging, boosts your intelligence, and helps reduce pain, stress, and depression.

But itís not easy to set up a regular meditation practice. Having a meditation reminder can help you bring meditation into your daily life. It can become something you do every day. It can become something you just do, like brushing your teeth.

Use this custom wristband to remind you, and let others know, that meditation is just what you do!

The wristband is available in 3 sizes:
Large: 200mm (7.87in) circumference
Medium: 190mm (7.48in) circumference
Small: 180mm (7.08in) circumference

Choose a size that is slightly larger than your wrist.
Price: USD 4.95
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