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OM Pendant, With Eight Auspicious Symbols

OM Pendant, With Eight Auspicious Symbols
om pendant with 8 auspicious symbols

A beautifully detailed protection pendant, with the sacred syllable OM surrounded by the traditional Eight Auspicious Symbols.

Hand-crafted by Tibetan artisans, this protection charm contains the syllable OM (symbolizing reality itself) surrounded by eight symbols of blessing, which represent the offerings made by the gods to Shakyamuni Buddha immediately after he gained enlightenment.

The eight symbols are:

  • The Conch: representing the sound of the dharma, which awakens us from the deep slumber of ignorance.
  • The Knot: representing the interdependance of all things.
  • The Fish: representing the happiness that accompanies freedom of movement in the waters of life.
  • The Lotus: representing the primordial purity of the mind.
  • The Parasol: representing protection.
  • The Urn: representing health, longevity, wealth, prosperity, and wisdom.
  • The Wheel: representing the turning of the "wheel of the dharma."
  • The Victory Banner: representing the Buddha's victory over delusion.

The pendant is made from a white metal alloy, and comes with a waxed cotton cord.

Price: USD 14.95