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Smoking Bottle Incense Burner (Sun)

Smoking Bottle Incense Burner (Sun)
smoking bottle incense burner, with sun symbol

A unique ceramic bottle for burning incense. Guaranteed not to spill ash or to set your home alight!

Incense burners are supposed to prevent ash falling all over the place and to prevent fires. But they tend not to work well.

With this unique "smoking bottle" there's no messy ash to clean up, and no risk of fire.

These are not simple bottles. They're ceramic, and have air-holes near the bottom to allow for air circulation.

The incense (stick incense only) is suspended from the top, clipped in place with a simple yet secure metal ring.

11" high, 3" diameter at base.

This particular bottle is decorated with a raised sun motif. In Buddhism, the sun is a symbol for the Buddha himself, who was known as the "adicca-bandhu" or kinsman of the sun, because just as the sun shines most brightly in the sky, so too does the Buddha shine most brightly among human beings.

Usual price: USD 18.95
Price: USD 9.95