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Sterling Silver Om Ring With Spinning Mantra (Sizes 69)

Sterling Silver Om Ring With Spinning Mantra (Sizes 69)
spinning ring with Om Mani Padme Hum mantra

Om Mani Padme Hum, often translated as hail to the jewel in the lotus, is the ancient Tibetan mantra for realizing perfect wisdom and compassion. Travelers to Tibet find it everywhere -- printed on prayer flags, inside and outside prayer wheels, carved onto prayer stones and even on mountain sides. Keep your mantra rolling all day long by spinning the inner band of this 2-part sterling silver ring.

Handmade in Nepal by gifted artisans from Newari, Shakya and Bajracharya clans. Made with sterling silver using a range of traditional crafting techniques. US/Canada size 6-9

Approximate international equivalents are:

  • US/Canada size 6
    • Inside diam. 16.5 mm (0.65")
    • UK & Commonwealth: L 1/2
  • US/Canada size 7
    • Inside diam. 17.3 mm (0.682")
    • UK & Commonwealth: N 1/2
  • US/Canada size 8
    • Inside diam. 18.1 mm (0.714")
    • UK & Commonwealth: P 1/2
  • US/Canada size 9
    • Inside diam. 18.9 mm (0.746")
    • UK & Commonwealth: R 1/2
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