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Stress-Proof Your Brain, by Rick Hanson (2CDs)

Stress-Proof Your Brain, by Rick Hanson (2CDs)

Modern brain research has helped us discover which contemplative practices have the most positive impact on our physical and mental health. Dr. Rick Hanson brings you scientifically sound tools for finding freedom from irritability, worry, and overwhelmóby deepening your neurological capacity for happiness and wellness.

  • How to replace your brain's unhealthy reactions to stress with protective and self-nurturing responses
  • Techniques for using memory to soothe and release painful feelings of sadness, guilt, anxiety, inadequacy, or anger
  • Guided meditations for calming chronic worries, developing gratitude, building inner strength, and more
  • How to rewire your brain away from frustration, heartache, fear, and anger toward contentment, love, and peace

Our brains have evolved powerful tools for coping with threats and dangeróbut in the face of modern stresses like information overload, money worries, and interpersonal conflicts, our survival reflexes can do more harm than good. To help you adapt your nervous system to the challenges of today's world, neuropsychologist Dr. Rick Hanson presents Stress-Proof Your Brain. Join him to learn research-based techniques and meditations that will literally reshape your brain to make you more resilient, confident, and peaceful.

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2 CDs (2 hours, 30 minutes)

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