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Tibetan Door Chimes

Our Tibetan door chimes are handmade by craftsmen, using age old methods of sand-casting and hand-tuning.


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Bodhi Bell Chime
A hand-made brass bell and bodhi leaf, representing wisdom.

Price: USD 19.95
Endless Knot Door Chime

The endless or eternal knot is an ancient Tibetan symbol that represents the inter-connectedness and inter-dependency of all things. In the Buddhist tradition, it represents the complete union of wisdom and compassion attained at the time of enlightenment. Hand-cast in brass bell. Strung on durable cotton cord.

Price: USD 21.95
OM door chime

Many mantras begin with the mystical syllable OM, which is said to be the vocal expression of reality. This hand-cast door chime, based on a traditional Tibetan pony bell, can remind us of enlightenment.

Price: USD 24.95
Rising Lotus Door Chime
A hand-cast brass door chime in the form of a lotus, symbolizing the full flowering of wisdom.

Price: USD 31.95
Sacred Om Door Chime
A hanging brass door chime, decorated with the sacred syllable "Om," representing primordial wisdom.

Price: USD 26.95
Naga (Dragon) Door or Wind Chime

This hand-made dragon (naga) door or wind chime is a symbol of wisdom and prosperity.

Price: USD 29.95
5 inch Brass Hanger for Wall Chimes

A solid brass hanger to accompany our hanging chimes, in a Himalayan cloud motif.

Price: USD 14.95