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Tibetan Skull Mala

Tibetan Skull Mala
tibetan skull mala

This traditional Tibetan Skull Mala is made from yak bone, and acts as a reminder of impermanence.

Each bead of this mala has been hand-carved to resemble a human skull, and this "garland of skulls" is a unique reminder of the omnipresence of impermanence. The Buddha advised that we should reflect often on the fact that our own lives are brief. Each time you see this mala, or count a mantra using its beads, you'll be reminded of the preciousness of the short life we have been blessed with.

Each of the hand-carved beads is slightly different, giving this mala a richly unique appearance.

This mala has a 38" (96 cm) circumference. The bead diameter is approximately ⅜" (8mm), and the beads have a rich patina and an antique appearance.

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