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Volcanic Stone Jizo Statue (8 in/20 cm)

Volcanic Stone Jizo Statue (8 in/20 cm)
bosatsu jizo statue

This simple and elegant Jizo bodisattva figure is made of volcanic stone and has an antique finish. This statue will add beauty to any area of a home or garden.

Jizo is the Japanese form of the Indian Bodhisattva, Kshitigarbha, who is famous for his simplicity and for his willingness to enter the hell realms in order to help sentient beings.

In Japan, Bosatsu (Bodhisattva) Jizo is the protector of the weak and vulnerable with emphasis on women in childbirth, children and travelers. Jizo is also thought to help those who are working with a karmic problem or physical affliction. Reflecting on or looking at Jizo brings optimism, fearlessness, and gentleness.

8" high (19 cm)

2lb 7oz (1.1 kg)

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