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Change your life with meditation coaching

Change your life with meditation coaching
Meditation is life-changing. It involves learning to observe our mental habits so that we can let go of those that inhibit our well-being and cultivate new ones that help us develop to calmness, clarity, and emotional resilience.

One problem is that we may not even recognize unhelpful patterns of mental activity because they've been with us our whole lives. This leads to an painful "stuckness" where we know something needs to change in our lives, but we don't know how to move on.

That’s why having a meditation coach to mentor you is so valuable. A mentor can help you to become aware of unconscious habitual ways you relate to your behavior, and can suggest new approaches that help you overcome obstacles. These subtle but important shifts in approach can help you be more at ease with yourself, and to find greater fulfillment in joy in life.

A meditation coach also helps you to establish and stick to a practice schedule. Commitment brings results.

In helping you identify the underlying habits that inhibit optimal well–being, while giving you space to grow and change on your own terms, mentoring allows you to become empowered by your own insight and understanding, finding a more authentic way of being.

Bodhipaksa has been meditating since 1982 and teaching meditation for twenty-five years. He has helped thousands of people to establish a deeper and more effective meditation practice. He can help you to establish a powerful and life-transforming meditation practice, too.

The cost of $150 monthly includes two mentoring sessions lasting 30 minutes. These can be done by Skype, Google+ Hangout, or telephone.
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Price: USD 150.00