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The Power of Mindfulness: A Guide to Living Mindfully and Compassionately (Audiobook)

The Power of Mindfulness: A Guide to Living Mindfully and Compassionately (Audiobook)

In this audiobook, Bodhipaksa guides the listener through the process of developing mindfulness, with a particular emphasis on developing self-compassion.

There are 37 tracks, including six meditations:

  1. Introduction 0:37
  2. Meditation: A Mindful Minute 1:25
  3. Enriching Our Lives Through Mindfulness 7:51
  4. A Scientifically Proven Method 3:30
  5. The Qualities of Mindfulness 5:20
  6. Meditation: The Raisin Experiment 6:07
  7. Reflecting on the Raisin Experiment 2:25
  8. The Four Foundations of Mindfulness 12:46
  9. Meditation: The Body Scan 24:33
  10. Developing Mindfulness Triggers 11:28
  11. Breathing With Mindfulness 6:12
  12. Meditation: Breathing With Mindfulness 12:46
  13. Developing Intimacy With the Breathing 5:15
  14. Meditation: Four Stage Mindfulness of Breathing 22:35
  15. Understanding the Four Stages 13:23
  16. Common Problems for Beginning Meditators 6:18
  17. Becoming a Regular Meditator 11:05
  18. The Buddhist Psychology of Feelings 8:03
  19. Feelings: A Good Servant But a Poor Master 3:05
  20. Recognizing Feelings 8:48
  21. Relating Skillfully to Our Feelings 7:56
  22. Living in the Gap 6:31
  23. Having Compassion for Painful Feelings 12:53
  24. Reprogramming Our Expectations 7:41
  25. Mindfulness of the Mind 3:35
  26. The Five Hindrances 6:21
  27. Letting Go of Thoughts 7:09
  28. Switching Thought Trains 8:22
  29. You Are Not Your Thoughts 13:10
  30. Creating Space Around Our Thoughts 10:48
  31. Guided Meditation: On Watching Thoughts
  32. Sensing Thoughts as Transitory Objects 2:16 [Click to listen to a sample]
  33. One Minute of Watching Thoughts Vanish 1:06
  34. The Impermanence of Our Thoughts 2:51
  35. Thoughts That Take You Deeper 4:26
  36. Meditation: Observing Thoughts Pass Through the Mind 21:23
  37. Closing Credits 1:02

Total running time: 4 hours 55 minutes

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