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Meditation DVD: "Meditation for Everyone"

Meditation DVD: "Meditation for Everyone"

This Meditation DVD provides a straightforward and practical guide to learning a simple and effective meditation technique -- the mindfulness of breathing. It is suitable for people of any faith or none, who want to learn to meditate.

The meditation DVD includes:

  • Why different people meditate: approaches to suit your lifestyle
  • Meditation as a practice
  • A meditation class: body awareness and the nature of mindfulness
  • The four-stage 'Mindfulness of Breathing'
  • Concentration and distraction
  • Preparation
  • Tips on posture: cross-legged, in a chair or lying down
  • The importance of environment, time and place
  • A 20-minute led meditation

Total programme length - 63 mins

Narrated by the BBC Radio's Mike Harding.

Price: $19.99

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