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Sleep Soundly - Guitar Music for Insomnia (CD)

Sleep Soundly - Guitar Music for Insomnia (CD)

Do you have trouble getting to sleep? Do you lie there for what seems like hours, your mind buzzing, and with sleep eluding you? The music on this CD by board-certified music therapist Ryan Judd can help with insomnia.

A talented musician with a master's in psychology, New Hampshire-based Judd's soothing guitar music, is specifically tailored to help ease you into deep, restful sleep. A gentle guided relaxation exercise will help you to relax into sleep, and ocean sounds will lull you into letting go.

Studies published in medical journals have concluded that, music can assist in improving sleep quality of patients with acute and chronic sleep disorders, and that mindfulness exercises are more effective than the most commonly prescribed anti-insomnia medications. This evidence-based music program and meditation program for insomnia will help you relax, calm your mind and sleep soundly.

The unique features of the CD include:

  • A Music-Assisted Progressive Muscle Relaxation Track that helps relax your body and calm your mind
  • A calming ocean track that continues throughout the whole CD and even between tracks so there is no break or silence between songs
  • All tracks are played at 60 beats per minute (the resting heart rate)

By Ryan Judd, MA, MT-BC / Board Certified Music Therapist.

Price: USD 14.95