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"Awake at the Wheel: Mindful Driving," by Michele McDonald (2 CDs)

"Awake at the Wheel: Mindful Driving," by Michele McDonald (2 CDs)

Awake at the Wheel is a two-CD set of mindful driving exercises, also available as a download. There are seven exercises in all, from around five minutes in length to just over 16 minutes. The same exercises are repeated on both CDs, with less guidance being given in the second set.

McDonald guides you through exercises that attune your 'driving mind' to:

  • Notice and transform 'auto-pilot' into awareness
  • Awaken to physical sensations and experience
  • Free ourselves from repetitive emotions and thoughts
  • Develop kindness and compassion

This remarkable 2-disc set includes introductions to mindfulness meditation specific to driving, and nearly two hours of exercises that can be learned in the car and used anywhere to enliven the mind, awake the senses, and enjoy the journey again.

McDonald’s teaching is carefully crafted. She introduces mindfulness skills a little at a time, first just emphasizing the two “anchors” of noticing the sensations in the hands, and what we’re seeing in our visual field. In the first exercise she rather cleverly asks the driver to use oncoming regularly spaced objects (think telephone poles or fence posts) as ways to break the experience into manageable chunks. She builds from this to noticing the thoughts that arise when we space out and slip into autopilot, skills of “noting” (gently applying mental labels to our experiences), being aware of the body, our hearing, and our emotions.

In several cases she introduces a brief exercise, and then asks us to repeat it. This is an excellent way of helping people to, as McDonald puts it, “build a skill-set.” Her choice of words is excellent, and she has some insightful phrases, such as “The willingness to start again is the most important aspect of mindfulness.

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