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Meditation MP3 - The Six Elements (complete album)

Meditation MP3 - The Six Elements (complete album)

The Six Element meditation practice is a profound contemplation on interconnectedness, impermanence, and insubstantiality. It's is a little-known insight meditation from the Buddhist tradition, helping us to cultivate a profound state of equanimity, acceptance, peace, and serenity.

Bodhipaksa, who leads these meditations, has been practicing the reflection on the Six Elements for 20 years.

In this meditation practice we reflect in turn on the elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space, and Consciousness, noting how each is an ever-changing process rather than a static thing to which we can cling. The essence of the practice helps us to see and appreciate the reality of our interconnectedness with the universe. It liberates us from a limited view of ourselves and helps us to see that we are nothing less than the universe become conscious of itself.

This downloadable album contains two tracks:

1. The Development of Lovingkindness (15:36)
The Six Element Practice should be entered into from a state of healthy appreciation, and it's traditional to begin with a short period of metta bhavana, or development of lovingkindness. (15MB MP3, encoded at 128kb/s)

The Development of Lovingkindness can also be purchased separately

2. The Six Element Practice (46:16)
The actual reflection on the six elements involves six short reflections on the ways in which each of the four physical elements -- Earth, Water, Fire, and Air -- is merely borrowed from the universe and is flowing through us. We reflect that we are unable to hold on to or own these elements and that they are not us. In the reflection on the Space element we reflect how the physical form we identify with -- our appearance -- is constantly changing and likewise cannot define us. In reflecting on the Consciousness element we notice the flow of sensations, thoughts, and emotions as they pass like clouds through the clear sky of the mind. We note that these experiences are impermanent and do not define us. We are not our sensations, thoughts, or emotions. In the end we are left with the experience of being a pure field of awareness, open, clear, and free. (44MB MP3, encoded at 128kb/s)

The Six Element Practice can also be purchased separately

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