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Naga (Dragon) Door or Wind Chime

Naga (Dragon) Door or Wind Chime
naga bell naga bell

In the Asian tradition, the cosmic dragon is considered a symbol of wisdom, prosperity and long life. In Buddhist mythology, dragons are seen as protecting vast stores of jewels and of sacred scriptures. Enlightened being were in fact known as "Nagas."

This chime includes an intricate disc containing the writhing form of a powerful dragon, and a bell embossed with a dragon motif. The bell's ringer is in the form of the clouds that the naga lives amongst.

Made in the Tibetan colony of Lingtsang in northern India, this handsome Tibetan bell is individually sand-cast in solid brass and carefully hand-tuned to ensure exceptional clarity of sound and tone.

This bell can be used either as a door chime, or as a wind chime

Dragon disc: 2.75" (7cm) diameter
Bell: 2" (5cm) high, 1.75" 4.5cm) wide

Price: $29.95

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