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Ongoing Buddhist Study Group with Bodhipaksa, on Skype

Ongoing Buddhist Study Group with Bodhipaksa, on Skype

Join Bodhipaksa on an open-ended workshop for practice, discussion, and the exploration of key Buddhist teachings.

  • Curious about how to take your meditation practice into daily life?
  • Want to explore Buddhist practice in more depth?
  • Interested in meeting up regularly with other practitioners in a friendly setting?

Bodhipaksa has been meeting regularly for a year now with a small, friendly, and very dedicated group of Buddhists. Every Tuesday night we meet, do a brief meditation together, and then explore Buddhist teachings and how they apply to our lives.

This is a very welcoming and informal group, and places are very limited. You don't have to regard yourself as a Buddhist to join, although you should be familiar with meditation and have an interest in putting the Buddha's teachings into practice in your life.

Date and time

Starts Tues, Feb 28, 8:30 PM EST.

The equivalent time in other timezones is:

  • 7:30 PM Central
  • 6:30 PM Mountain
  • 5:30 PM Pacific

(To find the times in your part of the world, click here and convert from "USA - New Hampshire - Concord" to your local time zone.)

There is no specific end date for this workshop. This is for people who are looking for an ongoing group of people with whom they can discuss their practice.


Participation on the course is by donation.

How does this work?

Skype is a free videoconferencing program for both Mac and Windows. It allows for up to nine people to meet virtually.

Bodhipaksa will be hosting a weekly, ongoing, workshop using Skype videoconferencing. Each week there will be a short talk, a guided meditation, and opportunity for discussion. Each meeting lasts for 90 minutes.

Technical requirements

The basic requirements are:

  • Skype version 5.1 or higher in order to participate in a group videoconference.
  • You do not need a paid Skype Premium account. The one Wildmind has suffices.
  • A broadband connection. Skype won't work for video calls without broadband.
  • A webcam. It's technically possible to use Skype without a webcam, but it could be considered a bit rude to be looking at other people when they can't see you.
  • Headphones. With eight or nine people on a call, echoes can be a serious problem. A headset with a built-in mic is ideal, but at a minimum you can use ordinary headphones or ear buds. Some computers have built-in microphones, but these pick up fan noise from the computer, reducing the sound quality for everyone.
  • Skype Mobile (for iPhone, Android, etc) is not suitable for participation.

The cost, and the culture

Participation is by donation. We request that you make a weekly donation for your participation in the workshop. We suggest that you consider how much you earn in an hour (if that's applicable) and use that as a basis for your donation. We ask you to consider your teacher's time as being as valuable as your own. If you can't afford this (or if you're retired, etc.) feel free to give less. You're also free to give more, if you wish, and if you can afford to do so. Please just give what you are comfortable with.

That's the cost; what's the culture? What I'm suggesting is a mutual commitment to generosity (dana). I'll go out of my way to support the people I'm working with. I'll provide you with handouts. If you want to email me I'll deal with your questions. If you want to phone I'll do my best to be available. I'll share writing that I'm currently working on. I'll record other classes I teach (at my local Dharma center, for example) and make those available. Our sessions together will be recorded and made available (only) to members of the group so that if you miss a week you'll be able to keep up.

The income from these seminars has allowed Wildmind to hire me some administrative support, so that I have been able to free myself up to spend more time practicing, teaching, and writing, and so that I can benefit people like you. I'll aim to be there for the members of the group. This arrangement could be seen as similar to how in traditional Buddhist cultures people would support the monasteries so that monks would be free to practice and teach. I'm suggesting a dana economy -- a mutual spirit of giving that is mutually beneficial.

To make an initial donation go to the "Our price" box below and enter the amount you wish to give each week (in $US). We will turn this into a weekly recurring payment running for duration of the workshop. It's easiest for us if you pay with a debit or credit card, rather than PayPal. If you do with to pay using PayPal, please email us first, and we'll send you a link that allows you to set up a recurring payment.