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Vidyamala’s teaching comes from her own experience of dealing with severe pain. Her Breathworks program, developed with her partner, Sona, has been clinically tested against other Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programs and has been show to be as effective as the best available.


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Body Scan: Managing Pain, Illness, and Stress with Guided Mindfulness Meditation (CD), by Vidyamala

The Body Scan meditations on this CD will help you to become more present and aware of your body. The fully led sessions tune in to each part of the body, gently exploring how it is. With Vidyamala's guidance you will be able to use your breath to inhabit your body more fully.

Price: USD 19.95
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Kindly Awareness: Managing Pain, Illness, and Stress with Guided Mindfulness Meditation (2 CD), by Vidyamala

The Kindly Awareness meditations on this double CD help cultivate a warm, gentle feeling of emotional engagement and kindness towards ourselves and others. Using the rhythm of the breath we create a restful, spacious awareness in which we can lessen the tendency to push away pain.

Price: USD 21.95
Relieve Stress With Medical Hypnosis, by Steven Gurgevich (2 CDs)

In this CD set, Dr. Steven Gurgevich offers practical solutions to help us learn how to cope with the demands of modern life while remaining calm and focused.

Price: USD 39.95