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Meditation MP3 - How To Stop Beating Yourself Up (complete album)

Meditation MP3 - How To Stop Beating Yourself Up (complete album)

“Calming, kind, and encouraging — a powerful expression of the new science of self-compassion.” Rick Hanson, Ph.D., author of “Buddha’s Brain” and “Hardwiring Happiness”

“A wonderful resource for connecting with and strengthening the heart sense of well-being and essential goodness.” Sharon Salzberg, author of “Real Happiness”

Most of us are far too hard on ourselves. We doubt our own worthiness. We talk to ourselves unkindly and often sacrifice our own well-being in order to “get things done.” Often we fear that if we stop criticizing ourselves we’ll cease to perform well.

Paradoxically, though, it’s people who lack self compassion who are more prone to stress and burnout, while self-compassionate individuals are more emotionally resilient, better able to face challenges, and overall more effective.

Self-compassion can be learned. It arises from developing four skills:

  • Mindful awareness, which helps us to recognize our mental habits, including that of giving ourselves a hard time
  • Acceptance, which allows us be with our suffering without reacting to it or seeing it as a sign of failure
  • Self-kindness, which helps us, in the face of difficulties, to give support, encouragement, and compassion to ourselves
  • Realistic perspective on life, which help us to see our problems in a balanced and mature way

Each of those skills—which are woven into the four guided meditations on this CD—can be learned through practice.

Self-compassion helps us to relearn our own intrinsic worth as human beings, and is an essential step toward having true compassion for others.

This downloadable album includes 4 tracks:

1. Kindfulness of Breathing 12:08
2. Empathizing With Ourselves and Others 25:39
3. Being With Difficult Experiences 19:56
4. Four Steps to Self-Compassion 12:35
Total Running Time: 69:38

Listen to these two-minute MP3 samples

Track 1: Kindfulness of Breathing

Track 2: Empathizing With Ourselves and Others

Track 3: Being With Difficult Experiences

Track 4: Four Steps to Self-Compassion

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