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Meditation stools/benches

In our meditation posture we have to be able to sit comfortably, and sit in an upright and open way. For many people used to sitting on chairs, it's impossible and even damaging to try to sit cross-legged on the floor in the traditional way. For that reason, a variety of meditation stools or benches have been created. These sometimes are known as "seiza" stools, from a Japanese word meaning "correct sitting." Seiza stools allow for the traditional Japanese kneeling posture with the toes pointed straight back, but the seat takes the weight off of the back of the calves. This posture is also similar to the yogic Vajrasana posture.

Seiza benches are the most commonly used method of sitting for people who find meditation cushions (zafus) uncomfortable.


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The Kindseat Fully Adjustable Meditation Bench

The Kindseat meditation seat is a fully adjustable and very comfortable meditation bench or stool.

Price: $149.95
Usual price: $180.00 Save 17%
Kindseat Meditation Bench Cushion (16.5" x 7")

A comfortable padded cushion that fits the Kindseat and some of our other popular meditation benches.

Price: $34.95
Kindseat Carry Case

The Kindseat Carry Case is custom-made to the fit the Kindseat and a cushion. It has a zipper that goes more than half-way around so that the parts can easily be stowed and unstowed. 

Price: $34.95
Cushion/Protective Bag for Two-Part Travel Bench

Wildmind's own cushion (which doubles as a slip-case) for the two-part travel meditation bench.

Price: $19.95