Guided Meditation for Sleep (With Music)

Guided Meditation for Sleep (With Music)


A soothing guided meditation, accompanied by gentle background music, for helping you to relax into the body and let go into sleep.

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Product Description

A soothing guided meditation for helping you to relax into the body and let go into sleep.


As well as the soothing voice of Bodhipaksa, which will guide you into a state of deep relaxation and calm, this MP3 contains gentle background music, which continues for approximately seven minutes after the meditation ends.

This meditation is based on the understanding that sleep is not something we do, but is something that happens to us. In order to let sleep happen, we need to let go of focusing on our cares and concerns — achieved by practicing body awareness and mindfulness of the breathing — and even to let go of the aim of getting to sleep — something that’s achieved by relaxing deeply into the present moment, and letting go of the past and future.


Length: 28:00


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Sleep Meditation


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