Guided Meditations for Inner Peace, by Bodhipaksa


Guided Meditations for Inner Peace, by Bodhipaksa

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“Just as the ocean may be turbulent above, but is always still in its depths, so beneath the surface noise of our thoughts there is always available a deep reserve of calm and tranquillity.”

Calmness is not merely an absence of thought, but a vibrant presence. The first mistake we make is trying too hard. Calmness is not something to strive for — to do so is usually counter-productive — but to relax into. The second mistake we make is to regard our thoughts as the enemy. This merely stirs up more inner turbulence.

The simple, step-by-step practices taught here will help you to:

  • Switch from relating to thoughts as disruptive and unwanted, to seeing them in a kind, friendly, and accepting way.
  • Create a sense of spacious awareness in which thoughts can come and go without disturbing your tranquility.
  • Quiet the mind quickly and effectively by changing the way you pay attention to your experience.
  • Learn to find calmness by making less effort, not more. Steady and slow your mind by allowing your attention to rest in sensory awareness.

This album contains four guided meditations:

  1. The “Eyemax” Experience (17:02)
  2. Just Listening (22:30)
  3. Resting in the Present Moment (21:48)
  4. Three-Point Mindfulness (15:32)
Total Running Time: 76:52

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