Guided Meditations for Stress Reduction (CD)


Guided Meditations for Stress Reduction (CD)

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“Guided Meditations for Stress Reduction” contains two meditations taught on Bodhipaksa’s stress reduction courses.

The first of these gentle exercises is a deep relaxation meditation called a “body scan”, where the attention is systematically guided around the body in order to bring about progressive relaxation.

The second meditation emphasizes developing a mindful attitude towards our experience. Mindfulness is a form of awareness which emphasizes equanimous acceptance and a sense of kindly curiosity.

This exercise is a meditation on acceptance, where we practice the art of welcoming, rather than resisting, uncomfortable experiences in order to change our relationship to them and become freer of our usual habitual reactions of avoidance, fear, stress, and depression.

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“This meditation CD is excellent, the best I have come across. I have had ME for many years and need to spend a lot of time resting. This CD truly helps me relax both mind and body. Resting so much can be very tedious but this helps to make my relaxations something to look forward to.Can’t wait for the next one to be released.Janice

“Calm, impressive, and effective.”Gerhard Riemann, Random House publishers

I would highly recommend these cds for anyone seeking out a meditation practice at any level.Empowerment4Women Magazine, Issue Six, November 2004

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