Meditation MP3 – Being With Difficult Experiences (19:56)

Meditation MP3 – Being With Difficult Experiences (19:56)


In practicing self-compassion, we have to learn to accept, rather than react to, difficult experiences, such as painful feelings of sadness or disappointment, or physical sensations of pain.


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We feel happier when others are kind to us. We know they feel better when we’re kind to them. So it makes sense that we will have a greater sense of well-being and happiness when we’re kind to ourselves.

The practice of self-compassion — treating ourselves with the kindness, patience, and understanding that we would ideally offer to a dear friend — involves a number of skills: being mindfully aware of our experience, accepting painful feelings without reacting to them, and showing ourselves kindness by offering reassurance.

This meditation, led by Bodhipaksa, helps us to practice the second of those skills: acceptance of difficult experiences, such as sadness, frustration, grief, and even physical pain. Learning to be comfortable with discomfort in this way frees us from making ourselves even more unhappy, as happens when we respond to painful feelings with anger, self-blame, of self-pity. Non-reactive acceptance helps us to create a mental space or “sacred pause,” in which we can call on our inner resources of kindness, patience, and understanding.

This track is from the guided meditation album, How To Stop Beating Yourself Up.

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Track 3: Being With Difficult Experiences


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