Meditation MP3 – Breathing in, breathing out (8:48)

Meditation MP3 – Breathing in, breathing out (8:48)


A guided meditation, led by Bodhipaksa, on learning how to use the breath as a tool to alter our mental and physiological states.


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[Note: this MP3 is from the CD, “Guided Meditations for Busy People”]

Paying attention to the physical sensations of the breath is probably the oldest form of meditation known. The breath has the advantage that it’s always present, that it’s an experience of the body, which helps to ground the mind, and that it’s intimately connected with our emotional states. Simply bringing the mind patiently back to the breath over and over again will have the effect of calming the mind and resolving stress.

Listen to a two-minute MP3 sample, guided by Bodhipaksa.

Breathing In, Breathing Out

File size: 12.0Mb
Quality: High (192Kb per second)
Time: 08:48 (including 40s of silence at the end)


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