Meditation MP3 – Kindfulness of Breathing (12:08)

Meditation MP3 – Kindfulness of Breathing (12:08)


A guided meditation on mindfulness of breathing, with an emphasis on observing our experience with kindness. Put kindness and mindfulness together, and you have “kindfulness”!  From the album, “How To Stop Beating Yourself Up.”


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Self-compassion is the radically healing practice of treating ourselves with the kindness, respect, and gentleness that we would ideally offer to those we love.

Two important first steps in developing self-compassion are 1) developing mindfulness, which is a non-judgemental awareness of our experience, and 2) kindly awareness.

This 12:08 meditation helps with both those aims, allowing us in a simple and direct way to tap into our innate capacity for kindness.

This Kindfulness of Breathing meditation is a track from the guided meditation album, How To Stop Beating Yourself Up but it can be practiced alone.

Listen to a two-minute sample

Track 1: Kindfulness of Breathing


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