Meditation MP3 – Overcoming Conflict (12:55)

Meditation MP3 – Overcoming Conflict (12:55)


A guided meditation on overcoming conflict. From the album, “Harnessing the Power of Kindness.”


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A growing body of research has shown kindness (or “lovingkindness”) to be the key to a rich, fulfilling life, and happy life. Fortunately, kindness can be learned.

One study showed that just a few minutes of lovingkindness meditation can increase feelings of social connection and positivity toward strangers. Others show that this form of meditation reduces the symptoms of chronic pain, reduces inflammation, and inoculates us against the damaging effects of stress.

This meditation helps us to let go of anger, by showing us how we can learn to notice and accept our underlying feelings of discomfort.

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From the album, “Harnessing the Power of Kindness.”


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