Meditation MP3 – The 6 Elements: The Six Element Practice (46:16)

Meditation MP3 – The 6 Elements: The Six Element Practice (46:16)


The Six Element meditation practice is a profound contemplation on interconnectedness, impermanence, and insubstantiality. It’s is an insight meditation from the Buddhist tradition, helping us to cultivate a profound state of equanimity, acceptance, peace, and serenity.


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The Buddha taught the Six Element Practice as a way of challenging our assumptions of our own separateness and permanence. In this practice we reflect on the various “elements” that compose our being (solid matter, liquid, energy, gas, space, and consciousness itself) and see how each is a flow, rather than something static. Through this practice we come to see that every aspect of our being is in a permanent state of flux, and that we are nothing more or less than the universe become conscious of itself.

The practices on this album will help you to:

    • let go of limited views of yourself
    • feel a greater sense of awe and wonder
    • experience a greater sense of connectedness
    • find a sense of peace and stability in an ever-changing world

Bodhipaksa, who leads these meditations, has been practicing the reflection on the Six Elements for over 20 years. His gentle guidance will help you to access deeper levels of tranquillity and calm.

This download contains the second track from the album, “The 6 Elements

The Six Element Practice (46:16)
The actual reflection on the six elements involves six short reflections on the ways in which each of the four physical elements — Earth, Water, Fire, and Air — is merely borrowed from the universe and is flowing through us. We reflect that we are unable to hold on to or own these elements and that they are not us.

In the reflection on the Space element we reflect how the physical form we identify with — our appearance — is constantly changing and likewise cannot define us.

In reflecting on the Consciousness element we notice the flow of sensations, thoughts, and emotions as they pass like clouds through the clear sky of the mind. We note that these experiences are impermanent and do not define us. We are not our sensations, thoughts, or emotions. In the end we are left with the experience of being a pure field of awareness, open, clear, and free. (44MB MP3, encoded at 128kb/s)


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