Meditation MP3 – Walking Meditation (19:48)

Meditation MP3 – Walking Meditation (19:48)


A guided meditation, led by Bodhipaksa, where we use the experience of walking as an object of mindfulness.


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[Note: this MP3 is from the CD, “Guided Meditations for Calmness, Awareness, and Love”]

Walking meditation is an unstructured practice where we use the experience of walking as an object of awareness — being aware of our bodies, our feelings and emotions, our thoughts, and our senses. If our mind wanders, we bring it back to our present experience. This helps us to remain “in the moment”.

You can do walking meditation as part of a normal walk to work or to the grocery store, or you can set aside some special time to do the practice in the countryside or in a park. Other forms of walking meditation are described on the Wildmind site.

Led by Bodhipaksa, a highly experienced meditation teacher.

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